3/4 automats for printing on glassware

The specialized machines are designed to print on glassware. They are often configured in a way in which the glass surface is put on the exterior table, placed under the screen in the printing zone, and afterwards brought on the outside in the same or the opposite side. Machines are often cased to eliminate air flow and dust. The prototype of such machine has been working in day and night shifts since spring 2002.

The screen is pulled out from the longer side and fixed above the floor to easily keep the hygiene
The screen is pneumatic and fixed
Pneumatic table-top drive
Mechanical squeegee carriage drive
Squeegee rake angle adjustment
Stepless adjustment of squeegee pressure
Adjustment of the angle of squeegee friction
Logic control
Cycle and time counter
Possibility of switching off each individual function
Emergency stop switch
Possibility of reducing the printing area
Four point jump adjustment i.e. screen from use (work) distance
Angular and X–Y table top micro setting

Supplementary information:

24-month guarantee
Guarantee and post guarantee service
CE WE compliance declaration
Work Safety and Hygiene instruction manual
Lead time to be agreed upon